We can start the preparation process at the fish market, preparing your seafood choice to the specifications of the dish you plan to make at home.

Most customers ask for their seafood to be prepared in one of the following ways while shopping at New Deal Fish Market:


  • Leave it whole: Most fish on display is small enough to handle on your own, should you wish!
  • Filet: We’ll cut and gut your fish so that it’s easy to cook. We’ll even wrap the bones/head for stock.
  • Butterfly: This unique presentation focuses on the natural beauty of the fish. New Deal Fish Market’s fishmonger on staff will eviscerate the fish in a way that still leaves the fish intact.
  • Cut steaks: Steaks are cut similar to a fillet, just a different shape.

What goes with it?

Thanks to our knowledge of seafood and preparation, we can suggest the perfect products and flavorings to go alongside your seafood choice. At New Deal Fish Market, we stock a variety of specialty products, like olive oil and seasonings. Our specialty products are hand-picked from around the globe, and are always of the highest quality. Not every fish market offers this complete of an experience, but for us it comes standard. Feel free to shop around while we’re preparing your seafood!

Interested in checking out our current seafood picks and inventory of specialty items? Come into the store for the full selection!

“The small shop also has all the fixings you need for a delicious Japanese or Italian sea food meal. I was able to pick up sea weed and wasabi to eat with the fish.”

– Jason and Jem J

“The staff are incredibly friendly and informative. We learned about the most delicious parts of the salmon to eat raw and we also purchased a piece of tuna.”

-Ellie L.

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